Pink Politics

Never before have women had such a practical guide to the nuts-and-bolts of running for office, written from a woman’s perspective by a former elected official and candidate who has worked in the trenches for years with female candidates.

Pink Politics delves into the rough-and-tumble side of politics, showing women how to master raising money, deal with skeletons in their closets, get a thick skin and develop a work/life balance that works for them. Women mayors, legislators, city councilwomen, judges and Congressional candidates share their best-kept secrets and offer advice. Leading political consultants provide hundreds of invaluable tips and insights to winning that every woman candidate needs to know.

Experienced and first-time women candidates, as well as women just thinking about running, will benefit from Pink Politics’ detailed account of what it takes to launch and run a successful campaign.

$24.95 (12 chapters, 196 pages)
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